Strategies For Handling Difficult Relationships

Do you ever find yourself saying anything like this?

  • “No matter what I do, when things go wrong it’s always my fault.”
  • “Why can’t I ever make him/her happy?”
  • “Not a week goes by without some major chaos and drama.”
  • “I don’t understand…. I’m seen as exceptionally competent at work, but, I can’t do anything right at home.”

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Lynne Lee Christian Life Coach and Life Coach Trainer
Relationships can be tricky. Relationships with a difficult, demanding, or destructive person are like walking on eggshells.

If you’re feeling trapped, or if it feels like you never know when the rug will be pulled out from under you, you are not alone.

And, you are not without help.  There are ways to stay in relationship with difficult people without losing yourself or your sanity.

Carol Meade

I invite you to join me, Lynne Lee, and my guest Carol Meade, on this free online seminar. We will be sharing practical strategies and spiritual truths that can make a BIG difference in your day-to-day life, regardless of the severity of the difficulties you’re dealing with. Strategies that can transform a life of quiet desperation into a life of peace and abundance.

When: Monday 25th March 8pm UK 4pm EST

Do plan to be there. What you will discover on this seminar has the potential to transform your relationships forever!

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