Christian Dream Interpretation – How to understand the dreams God causes you to dream

Do you want to know what God is saying through your dreams?

Dreams are one of the many ways God is speaking to you. He uses dreams to

  • Give you insight into situations
  • Show you what direction to take
  • Help you to see where you need to change
  • Point you to solutions to problems
  • and much much more…

You spend around 8 hours every night asleep and nearly 2 hours of that is given over to dreaming.

Would You Like Help To Interpret Your Dreams Using Biblical Methods?

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Lynne Lee Christian Life Coach and Life Coach Trainer

What you will discover in this seminar

  • Where dreams come from
  • Why God chooses to speak in dreams
  • Why you need to listen to your dreams
  • A Biblical method of understanding your dreams
  • Keys to understanding the dreams that God caused you to dream
  • Some common dream meanings
  • What to do with your dreams
  • Where to go for help with your dreams
  • and much more…

Heather Sutherland

I invite you to join me, Lynne Lee, and my guest Heather Sutherland, on this free online seminar. We will share practical strategies and spiritual truths that can make a BIG difference in your day-to-day life.

When: Monday 22nd April 8 pm UK  3pm EST

Do plan to join us. What you will discover on this seminar has the potential to revolutionise your relationship with the Lord. 

The Bible is full of examples of God using dreams to guide and instruct and warn people. Dreams are not just a by-product of last night’s pizza. God is still using dreams as a way of communicating with people.

Our prayer is that you will grow to understand the significance of your dreams and that you will discover how to hear from God as you sleep!

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